MCG Team

Working in partnership with our clients are six experienced architects and two support/administration personnel. All possess a diverse range of skills with both national and international expertise. Such expertise is founded on a broad catalogue of portfolios which offers a synergistic impact in which one project inevitably benefits the success of another. These impacts are not restricted to the design process but also influence, material selection, environmental aspects, quality documentation and site project management.

The team is led by Founder, Michel Greenhalgh. Michel is actively engage in the business with hands-on involvement of all projects.  He is responsible for design integrity, quality control, business development and financial management. Michel’s influence can been seen in the magic forms and silhouettes of the structures of almost all MCG’s work. Roofs which roll through the sky like waves, form and shape which reflect the natural environment and colours which vibrate adding formality to a building’s character. Yes, Michel is an influential and potent leader of MCG.

Our team are at your service any time and we are always happy to present our credentials at your convenience.

In every case, our philosophy dictates that our client is a valuable member of the team. Their thoughts are not only important but vital in helping us create the harmonics so necessary to the personality of the structure.