A Special Expertise

With over seventeen years experience in the design and development of various community projects for more than thirty local authorities across the State, MCG can rightfully claim expertise in a variety of architectural disciplines. These include:

• Master plan studies
• Civic centres and precincts
• Recreation centres and precincts
• Libraries
• Telecentres
• Tourist information centres
• Interpretative centres
• Arts facilities
• Emergency services facilities

Our strengths in creating designs that are harmonious with communities is derived by establishing exceptional working relationships with local representatives in a variety of areas.

Areas such as the Departments of Planning and Infrastructure; Local Governments: Department of Sport and Recreation and WA Tourism Commission.

This has facilitated an understanding of both State and Federal capital works procedures and allowed us to establish a comprehension of the funding opportunities for local authority projects and the complexities associated with each. These areas of knowledge have proven to be of an asset and benefit to our local authority clientele.

Our work has included many Community based projects across W.A. As a consequence we have amassed extensive knowledge and understanding of Local Government procedures.

Matters such as, Council approval procedures, Local Government Act procurement processes, community consultation requirements, stake holder inclusion, management and operation of Council assets, delivery and presentation to full Council and general communication procedures, all are no strangers to our personnel and assist our clients in achieving speedy and efficient outcomes.

Years on, MCG can look back at an assortment of project environments and requirements. From designing for surroundings, ranging from open pristine spaces to the sensitivity of inner city sites. We act in response to the continuing narrative of each environment and sustain a constant awareness of the built community and the importance it derives from the past and present, while continuing to change and grow to the future.

We endeavour to design structures, which empathise with their surrounds and streetscape. We respect the culture and history of the local area and allow it ‘in’ to our considerations. We remember that history must be honoured for once it was all that was humanly possible.

During the initial stages of all projects and during site analysis we consider the overall surrounding character, the prominence of site to the community, the sites visibility from the surrounding areas. We also consider the built form, roof form, height, materials, colour and aesthetics of surrounding buildings. We respect the cultural and historical significance of place and neighbouring buildings and we consider community importance and the use of surrounding area and buildings as well as the neighboring open space and landscaping with its native plants and trees.

Beauty is about the quest for perfection, a perfection carved by duty. That is why creativity is central to our focus.